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If you need a reliable taxi ride in the Knoxville, TN, area, call Sunday Taxi Airport today! We will provide you with excellent ground transportation. Sometimes, you just can’t drive somewhere on your own. Maybe you’re going to a concert and plan to drink. Perhaps your car is in the shop getting repaired. Whatever the reason, Sunday Taxi Airport has the skills to provide you with excellent ground transportation to your destination at a reasonable cost.

Our business offers a flat rate discount to any trip over 30 miles. If you’re traveling miles and miles to catch a show, you’ll save some money with our discount. With your extra cash, you can buy that concert T-shirt! Long-distance taxi service shouldn’t cost your entire paycheck. We keep our prices affordable, and hope you use Sunday Taxi Airport every time you need a long distance ride.

Our local distance service costs $2 per mile. We’ll get you around town for a fairly cheap price. If your car is in the shop, give us a call, and we’ll drive you to work or wherever you need to go in the Knoxville area. Our ground transportation is also a great choice for elderly customers who no longer drive. Our reliable taxi drivers are more than happy to pick up and take home our elderly customers.

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